A dot symbolises an important punctuation mark '.', a pause between statements, and illustrates the completion of a statement.


Design Dot Story is a platform to bring forward a series of design statements, punctuated in time and space, that narrate a larger story of community benefits. The vision is to initiate a dialogue about ideas that have had a positive impact on the lives of people and celebrate humane design stories. 

And, the first step to a humane design is asking the right question to everyday problems. It is those questions that allow one to push boundaries, break the glass ceiling, and think out of the box. 

How did a design idea bring a positive change in community life ?

Can architecture be more than just functions ?

Does the city really belong to its people ?

What does it take to convert an ‘open space’ into a ‘public place’ ?

What makes a city enjoyable for its people ?

Design Dot Story brings to you a curation of inspiring content, from around the world.