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Made in India by Dotto Objects

Dotto Objects

Founded in: 2019

Founders: Saloni Mehta and Veeram Shah

Location: Ahmedabad

Uma (Naari collection: Jewellery) © Dotto Objects

Text description provided by the designer. | Dotto, in its most intrinsic sense, means singularity; a point of convergence; the circle of life. We do not strive to create ‘just objects’, what we create is a reflection of our experiences and our observations in totality. Design is not something we “make time” for, we try to imbibe each and every experience of our lives into the designs we make.

With each passing day, we learn something new by studying art, architecture, films, music, and all the encounters that make our lives ‘whole’. Our design studio was conceived with the goal of taking this philosophy forward, encompassing different scales of design tied together by a singular idea. Dotto products do not adhere to modern trends of the market but create stories with their unique approach to designs.

Our mission is to promote craftsmen and local artisans, the products provide artisans an opportunity to market their skills in a respectable and fair market. We now embarks on a new journey, venturing into different disciplines of design; arising from our constant need to learn and explore, to experiment and experience.

Making of Uma | The Naari Collection © Dotto Objects

Explore more about Uma at Dotto Objects.


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